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A perfectly handled spraying

The spraying quality is the center of NICOLAS knowledge. ZEPHYR is a concentration of all of NICOLAS knowledge to bring you the best sprayers for your vineyards.

  • An appropriate spraying air: like NICOLAS always done, the ventilation only brings in clean air. The ventilations inlets are ideally positioned to insure a clean air supply and avoid the recycling of the spraying.

  • Maximum air efficiency: to optimize the ventilation output, NICOLAS designed a double air intake system. We designed this system to avoid any air discharge while sucking air into the ventilation = optimum use of the power. The ventilation shaft increased its pressure to decrease the power used.

  • An air tranquilization box: to slow down the air driven by the Ø 550 turbine, the ZEPHYR is fitted with a spiral staircase envelope. This tranquilization chamber allows the air to regroup itself into one homogeneous flow and be directed towards the diffusers.

  • A tough kinematic chain: to be reliable, the ZEPHYR has been fitted with a tough power chain. The pulleys, 4 belts and big diameter carrier straps have been designed to realize intensive works.

  • NICOLAS diffusers designed for performance: the new range of NICOLAS Turbodiff diffusers insure you a better drops creation and an improved penetration in the foliage.

Thanks to the Turbodiff system, the NICOLAS diffusers bring enough air supply to penetrate to the center of the vine and reach the hidden side of the foliage.