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A reliable sparying circuit

Your phyto product application rate is the dose of medicine necessary to your vines to efficiently fight against diseases. To be effective, this application rate has to be precisely respected.

To offer you every guarantee, NICOLAS designed on the ZEPHYR an innovative spraying circulation system:

  • New MXIClean system for powders: powders used for big application rates are a real problem for your spraying circuit: sealing, clogging, sedimentation etc… And results in a bad application rate. The MixiClean system is:

  • A staged filtration: to effectively catch the impurities in the spraying circulation system, the ZEPHYR has been fitted with a tank sieve and sucking and discharge filters.

  • A good and appropriate spraying: the diffusers supply allows to fit the spraying according to the state of your vineyards and foliage. The removable anti-drop system contains a spray ring in alumina to precisely regulate the flow in time.

  • Two possible gauges: to perfectly know if you’ve respected your application rate, the judge is always the gauge. To perfectly answer your requirements, NICOLAS fitted the ZEPHYR with two level indicators.

  • Respect your application rate: a large choice of regulations

  1. NICOLAS manual Regulation Proportional to Engine rpm

  2. NICOLAS electric Regulation Proportional to Engine rpm

  3. NICOLAS DPAE Regulation Proportional to forward movement (speed) of the tractor