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A robust frame

In the conception of the frame, NICOLAS innovated so that the zephyr would be ready at a key moment in terms of vineyard protection:

  • Double tubular frame with diamond shape

  • A design allying flexibility and robustness for an intensive use

  • Wide deck with swan pass shape of the linkage header

  • TP technology for a perfect protection of the power transmission chain

  • Suspended box integrating the pump and the multiplier

  • Full protection of the pump and of the multiplier

  • Front protection shield of the ventilation - Simple stand (standard) or integrated wheel stand (optional)

  • Retractable stepladder for an easy access to the man-hole

  • STABISOL linkage technology with automatic slope correction (patent): with STABISOL, NICOLAS designed a high position linkage which takes the triangle closer to the gravity center. The frame is tilted so that the STABISOL system reduces the height between the lifting Triangle and increases the ZEPHYR stability up to 60%.


A well balanced trailed frame

  • Clean water tank moved away from the center to counter the effects of the ventilation

  • Important load transfer on the linkage to improve the traction


There is a ZEPHYR frame for every vineyard

Frame n°1: trailed frame with simple axle

  • Simple and efficient frame

  • Sensitive to the reeling in the rows

Frame n°2 : frame with suspended axle

  • Excellent road comfort

  • Improves the spraying precision

  • Simple technical system and without servicing

  • The frame is isolated from the ground by two rubber studs (in yellow on the drawing) which absorbs the shocks and restores them gradually. The important lever insures a great reactivity to the sprayer.

Frame n°3: Frame with double bogie axle

  • Large diameter wheels for a great crossing capacity

  • Strongly decreases the reeling particularly with wide boom equipments

  • Improves the spraying precision

  • Thanks to an articulation between both wheels of the bogie axle, the reeling of the equipment has been reduced. The large wheels 700x12 reduce soil compaction and increase the sprayers’ stability in sloppy vines.