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An innovative linkage

Because every vineyard is particular, NICOLAS is willing to improve itself in terms of maneuverability.

  • Integrated linkage system: To offer you more comfort, NICOLAS integrated the ZEPHYR with a linking system. That way the lower linking arms are directly linked to the ZEPHYR, no holes bar, no road vibrations etc …

  • Automatic slope control: the suspended pivot slope control offers the ZEPHYR a real driving flexibility. Moreover on the linkage you have a rubber stud to absorb every shock due to changing directions, rolling on rocks or on tracks .etc…



RdR Technology with rotating header (patent)

All of NICOLAS knowledge in this RdR linkage, wheel in wheel technology that gives the ZEPHYR an incredible maneuverability, very useful in headlands.


Technical components :

  • Top linkage type n°1 or n°2

  • Automatic slope control with pivot suspension

  • Simple shaft transmission

  • Rotating point at the same distance from the tractor rear axle and from the ZEPHYR axle= wheel in wheel path.


The technical advantages :

  • The ZEPHYR perfectly follows the tractors tracks.

  • It’s possible to turn up to 90° with the power take-off engaged.

  • No sliding of the PTO shaft

  • PTO always engaged at 540rpm

  • Maximum turning diameter: 1,45m