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A large choice of regulation

NICOLAS made the choice to fit the TORNADO maxi with three different types of regulation to perfectly your needs.

  • The NICOLAS ergonomic low pressure regulation is 100% constant pressure, its lever located at the front of the sprayer allows you to set a pressure depending on the application rate desired, your speed and the spraying equipment fitted on your sprayer.

  • The NICOLAS regulation with electric control is a 100% constant pressure regulation but you can set the pressure you desire from the cab thanks to an electric switch. You can set the different spraying parameters without getting out of the cab and change them while spraying.

  • The NICOLAS DPAE regulation automatically controls the application rate according to your speed, you just need to set your application rate in the on-board computer. On the screen of this computer you can see four informations to control your spraying in real time. This on-board computer also assists you in your settings to improve your spraying, it can save 15 different settings and has a spraying daily recorder.