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Wide boom : simplicity by NICOLAS

Simple and economic equipement

-No servicing
-easy and quick use

Left and right manual folding with shock absorbers

-No hydraulic distribution needed
-Equipement protected in case of collision

Suitable for most vineyards

Equipement is adapted for all your vineyards



Variable width boom: versatility by NICOLAS

Variable width boom

-for spraying the closest to the crops

-limits the effects of wind


Cannons automatically oriented by parallelograms

Whatever the width, the cannons are always ideally oriented towards the target

Opening and closing of the hydraulic booms

Change the working width without leaving the tractor



Opti width boom: easy precisionby NICOLAS

Variable and indexable width boom

Automatically retract the spraying boom at the end of the row

Narrow central frame (1m)

Compact and manœuvrable

Boom protected by shearing bolts

Integrated protection in case of collision



Side by side and large vines boom: the wide booms by NICOLAS

Extendible boom up to 6m wide

Ideal for spraying both side of the crops

Robust structure with suspension

Designed for reliability and guaranteeing good return on investment

Hydraulic ram extensions guided by diabolos

Accurante guidance without effort of the folded and unfolded arms

Hydraulic jack fitted with output limiter

Allows personalised reactive changes to the hydraulic boom

During transport, the arms of the boom has bearing suspension

On the road the boom is perfectly protected from the bumps