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A tank designed for reliability

The TORNADO maxi is fitted with a polyester tank designed to age well. It is manufactured with three different tank capacities 1000, 1500 and 2000 to perfectly fit the needs of your vineyards.

Willing to protect the environment, NICOLAS fitted its sprayers with a clean water tank of 100 liter capacity for the 1000 liters version and 200 liters capacity for the 1500 and 2000 liters versions. A hand washing can with a capacity of 15 liters is available on that sprayer.

The incorporation of the phyto product is done by a 400mm diameter man hole at the top of the tank. To keep the users safe, NICOLAS designed an overflow security pipe to discharge the product at the rear of the sprayer while incorporating.


An improved mixing for a perfect incorporation

A quality spraying is the result of a well mixed phyto product which is why NICOLAS chose to fit the TORNADO maxi with a mixing pump with an output of 560L/min.

To allow a fast and efficient homogenization while incorporating, NICOLAS has developed a TURBOMIXIN system.
While spraying, the brewing is performed by two venturis located at the bottom of the tank and to avoid foam formation this system slows down when the tank is nearly empty.