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   On the RAFALE, an electrical control unit is available in the cab to open/close the spraying and the left/right hand side spraying (with some electronical valves). In option, you can also electrically control the individual closing of the outside rows. In standard, you sprayer is assembled with the TURBODIFF : a deflector to optimize the air flow out of the pipes to reduce the drift and a COANDA blades to improve the micronization out of the spraying hands.

Spraying hands 3 fingers with TURBODIFF

In addition to choice your number of spraying hands (6 hands with 2 fingers or 4 hands with 3 fingers), you can choice on your RAFALE 2 extra spraying hands in return to spray 6 faces.

It is supplied by an APS pump of 71L/min. Its pistons-diaphragms technology offers a self-priming. The RAFALE has 3 level of filters to reduce the risks of clogging and improve the accuracy : tank sieve, inlet and outlet. To reduce the pollution risks, the nozzle holders are fitted with an anti-drop system. Your sprayer is delivered with 2 set of ceramic inserts, according to what you need.


   Success of the NICOLAS brand with its massive air flow, the RAFALE is assembled with the reversed air fan. With the inversed suction, you avoid to recycle the air and the leafs suction.. On its fan of 550 mm diameter, you can choice up to 10 air outputs. You have the possibility to choice some air blowers with 2 or 3 fingers according to your vineyard configuration.

Guarantee of quality, the NICOLAS fans offer the best micronization

At maximal speed, the power consumption is only 42 horse power.

Adjust the fan speed according to the vineyard density

On the RAFALE, 2 declutchable speed with shifting assistance are available for a soften shifting. The neutral position is easier to use when you incorporate the phytosanitary products to improve your protection during this sensitive moment of the spraying.