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   The RAFALE is assembled with a semi-mounted frame with High Limit of Elasticity (HLE) to offer an high level of robustness and reduce the total weight of the machine. The sprayer is designed in 3 parts :

-The front with the pump integrated on the frame and the hitching system

-The rear part articulated to tilt the fan and make the maintenance easier with a better access

-The 2 side rails to link the front and rear parts and constitute a real reinforced frame with the technology HLE.

The RAFALE can be fitted according to the needs with hitching system category 1 or 2. A footstep on the left-hand side is available in standard and a second one on the right-hand side in option. The road lights are also available in standard.

In standard, the agricultural wheels 10.0x15.3 are assembled and you obtain an adjustable track of 1100-1400mm. You can also choice on your machine the Boggie wheel axle.