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The Nicolas spraying

  • To improve your spraying the MAGISTRAL has been equipped with a constant pressure regulation to offer you a simple and precise setting of your sprayer. To bring you more comfort and high performances, NICOLAS associated motorized valves to the general left and right opening/closing and coupled to the ergonomic on board computer: adjust your spraying from your fingertips.

  • Four filtering level are available on this sprayer: suction and discharge filter, tank sieve and NICOjets to allow you a perfect spraying.

  • To precisely manage your application rate, a 100mm diameter manometer is located in front of the sprayer, easy to see from the cab. To perfectly control the spraying a range from 16 to 32 NICOjets are available with anti leak systems. Every NICOjets has three possible working conditions: normal application rate, reduced rate and closed.


Large regulation choice

To improve your productivity a differential pressure regulation with electric controls is available, to adjust your spraying without getting off you seat.

The NICOLAS DPAE regulation automatically controls the application rate according to your speed, you just need to set your application rate in the on-board computer.

On the screen of this computer you can see four informations to control your spraying in real time. This on-board computer also assists you in your settings to improve your spraying, it can save 15 different settings and has a spraying daily recorder.

  • Nozzles programmed at the manufacture; quick access to spraying without any setting

  • Possible dose modulation while spraying (by 10% steps)

  • Speed simulation to set the sprayer without going in the vineyard

  • Goes to sleep after 10min without using it

  • Shortcuts: to have a instant access to the main settings

  • Management of what left in the tank and autonomy