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Strong of its knowledge in the arboricultural world, NICOLAS designed a simple and efficient sprayer to fit in every orchard, 2 versions are available:

  • Mounted Alize made for small and medium size farms. With tanks of 400 or 600 liters capacity and a 750mm diameter ventilation, this sprayer will give you access to high outputs and at the same time its small size gives a compact and maneuverable sprayer. Thanks to its compact frame design the NICOLAS ALIZE has a good load transfer on the rear of the tractor to guarantee your security and improve traction.

  • Alize Aero is a trailed sprayer with tank capacities of 1000, 1500 and 2000 liters and a 750mm diameter ventilation to perfectly fit every modern orchard. Its specific trailed frame was designed to improve the load transfer on the rear of the tractor resulting in a better traction. Its powerful ventilation will help you improve your spraying and moreover it has one of the lowest power requirements of the market to help you save fuel. For even more versatility, the Alize can be fitted (optional) with vineyards equipments.

Willing to preserve the environment, NICOLAS fitted the mounted Alize and trailed Alize with an integrated clean water tank. They are both equiped with Nicojets nozzles with there anti-drop system and will impress you with there spraying qualitties. The implementation system is simple to use and easily reachable.

With Alize by NICOLAS, access long time reliability and efficiency : dare the best