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A frame designed for reliability

  • The trailed frame of the ALIZE ensure you a good traction thanks to its maximum load transfer on the linkage, to improve the sprayers stability the sprayer is lowered. To make your sprayer last in time, NICOLAS decided to paint their frames with two-component polyurethane paint, resistant to the weather and to phyto products.

  • For your safety and the one of the people around you, the TORNADO is fitted with integrated signaling devices. The access to the man hole is eased by step well positioned. To perfectly fit your needs and your crops, NICOLAS fitted the ALIZE with an adjustable shaft and a large choice of tires.


The tank

  • The ALIZE is fitted with tank of 1000, 1500 and 2000 liters capacity. They are made in polyester so that in case of a shock you can easily repair it. Moreover the high performance venturi mixing system ensures you a homogeneous phyto product in every circumstance. To bring you more comfort and security, every NICOLAS sprayer is equipped with a hand washing can.

  • To protect the environment and ensure a long life to your sprayer, the ALIZE is fitted with a high pressure rotary jets tank cleaning system linked to a clean water tank of 100 or 200 liters capacity  depending on the model.

  • The filling is done by 400mm diameter man hole equipped with overflow security to protect the user and discharge the phyto product at the opposite side of the users. For more comfort of use, this sprayer is fitted with a remote draining system


The pump

  • The ALIZE sprayer is manufactured with a 4 diaphragm – piston APS 96 pump with a maximum output of 88L/min at a 30 bars pressure. For more comfort, our pumps are self-priming. A NICOLAS ALFA V75 pump with an output of 66L/min can be fitted for higher outputs (optional).

  • To ensure our user a perfect spraying and a homogeneous phyto product, a 560L/min mixing pump is available on the ALIZE. Furthermore, to avoid the creation of foam, this pump is adjusted towards the level left in the tank. All of the NICOLAS sprayers are driven by a shaft.



For a precise spraying

To optimize your spraying time, NICOLAS fitted the ALIZE with a high quality constant pressure regulation ensuring our users a simple setting and a quality spraying.

To bring you more comfort and high performances, NICOLAS fitted the main spraying opening, left and right with electro-valves controlled from the ergonomic on board computer: manage the spraying from your fingertips. It is equipped with four filtering levels: tank sieve, suction and discharge filter and NICOjets.

To precisely set your sprayer, NICOLAS placed a 100mm diameter manometer at the front easy to see from the cab and with 14 NICOjets with anti – drop system. Every NICOjet has 3 possible working positions: normal volume, reduced application rate and closed, all the ingredients for a efficient and homogeneous spraying.

Ventilation system

Strong of its knowledge, NICOLAS designed  a high performance ventilation. The ALIZE is fitted with a rear air intake ventilation integrated to the tank. The fan has 16 self-cleaning blades with a 750mm diameter to blow a maximum air volume, moreover it has a power requirement of 20 to 28hp.

For more reliability, the ventilation is driven by a gear box of 60hp with a neutral position and the polyester envelope isn’t affected by corrosion. Vineyard deflectors can be fitted for a bigger precision.



  • To guarantee quality coverage, NICOLAS has especially designed a vine vault for the ALIZE. This V shaped stainless steel vault will allow you symmetrical air diffusion. Moreover, thanks to its anti – vortex system, the air flow stays constant and well balanced during your spraying. Willing to protect the environment, NICOLAS fitted on the vault deflectors to aim the air flow on perfectly on target depending on the vineyard height. This 100% NICOLAS ventilation with 16 NICOjets will bring you high quality drops.

  • For precision applications, the ALIZE can be adapted with a spraying lance for specific applications.