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« The sprayer that respects your wine »

Harvest a healthy cluster and create a prestigious wine

Thanks to its technological advance, the ZEPHYR allows you to have a healthy harvest and the warranties the production of prestigious wines.

  • ENDURANT SPRAYER:  anti-tipping tubular frame thanks to the STABISOL  linkage (patent)

  • QUICK SPRAYING REACTIVITY: maneuverability which fits you vineyards: Integrated or Progress two horn linkage and/or Rotating header with RdR technology (patent).

  • HIGH QUALITY SPRAYED PRODUCT:  automatic MIXIClean (patent) phyto product incorporation system (proven by the CEMAGREF).

  • PRECISE CONTROL OF APPLICATION RATE: 3 different types of NICOLAS regulation (manual or electric DPM and output proportional to forward speed).

  • SPRAYING MANAGEMENT: the knowledge NICOLAS: NICOLAS ventilation with COANDA wings Turbo diffusers, Turbodiff  (patent tested by the CEMAGREF).

  • VINEYARD HOMOGENEOUS PROTECTION:  spraying equipments (side by side spraying) especially made for vineyards.

Respect the environment and protect yourself from pollution

With the ZEPHYR, reduce your pollution while spraying

  • SPRAYER PREPERATION AND CLEANING: every environmental function is on this sprayer. The INFO’VAN implementation allows you a secure control and use of the 10 functions of this sprayer. The total cover of the ZEPHYR offers you a clean working station at all times.

  • SPRAYING: Precision application to reduce the bottom tank recycled volume: associated to the rolling gauge (patent) with a NICOLAS regulation. Spraying equipments designed and adjustable to spray as close as possible to the target ad reduce aerial drift.

A warranty production results in an improved profitability


  • WARRANTIES YOUR HARVESTING PRODUCTIVITY:  the NICOLAS spraying ensure you a excellent penetration threw you foliage and clusters in order to avoid all the dangerous diseases and improve your grape quality and therefore your wine.

  • AVOID HEAVY STRUCTURE INVESTMENTS ON YOUR DOMAIN: Integrated to the sprayer environmental functions such as filling, incorporation, phyto product can rinsing system, recycling of the sprayed product in field requires fewer implements at the domain.

Think about your tomorrow production area

The ZEPHYR helps you to manage your phyto applications (reducing your sprayings, improving your application rates) and brings you, what you customer expects, a quality wine and naturally produced.

  • PROMOTE A DURABLE VITICULTURE:  Reducing the environmental impact of spraying (1ST pollution source on vineyards), your domain management takes part in a viticulture willing to protect its soils and a lasting production quality.  

  • DIFFERANTLY APPRICIATE YOUR WINE: the request slowly goes towards a clean product. Thanks to the ZEPHYR, you could bring different facts (new world domains) to customers on the efforts you do to protect the environment.