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MAGISTRAL is definitely a sprayer made for farms in search of productivity. NICOLAS designed this implement with a tank capacity of 1000, 1500 and 2000 liters which lies on a strong frame created for intensive use.

The well known reliability of the NICOLAS ORION and ALFA pump will bring you more security for your crop. Depending on your needs, NICOLAS offers a large choice of pumps, regulations constant pressure or DPAE and ventilations. All of the ventilation knowledge of NICOLAS is in the MAGISTRAL, SRI, ASI and ASD ventilations will perfectly fit any vegetation.

All of our ventilation systems are integrated to the tank and all have a reversed air intake to avoid any spraying recycling. To improve our micronization process, a set of 3 position NICOjets are integrated to the air flow. With the MAGISTRAL by NICOLAS, dare the best …