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Open field boom

To perfectly fit your vegetalbe crop fields, NICOLAS especially designed a row crop boom. With3 different working width :

  • 10 meters with 7 outlets

  • 7meters with 5 outlets

  • 5 meters with 5 oulets

For more in field comfort, we decided to fit a boom suspension so you can work at high speeds. To able to drive easily on the road, the boom has an hydraulic vertical folding to give you a maximum visibility from the cab and respects road laws with a transport width less 2,55m.

To answer specific spraying needs, the boom can unfold asymmetrically. To optimise your spraying and the micronization quality, NICOLAS fitted the boom with 3D settable cannon outlets equipped with COANDA wings for an optimum cover.


Special green-house boom

The greenhouse boom allows to work with working width from 3,5 to 5 meters. They are equipped with the same spraying equipments as open fiels booms, 6 outlets with COANDA wings.