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History of the company

Created in 1871, CARUELLE-NICOLAS becomes specialized in agricultural spraying for crops, vineyard and orchard. Located near Orleans, at 130 kilometers from Paris, CARUELLE-NICOLAS designs, builds and provides a full range of sprayers for every customer around the world. Accurate and reliable, the CARUELLE-NICOLAS sprayers are designed to be always more efficient, and be the answer of the customers’ expectations. 


CARUELLE-NICOLAS SAS becomes a specialist with a strong knowledge in his branch of industry thanks to a merger between 3 agricultural spraying specialists:

-CARUELLE for the arable farms

- NICOLAS for vineyard, orchard and vegetables applications

-THOMAS for vineyard and orchard protection.


Nicolas Arbo Pneumatique THOMAS VIGNE  


Today, inside our factory located at Saint Denis de l’Hôtel, we design, build and sell a complete range of mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers according to your requirements.

Leader on the French market on most of our product, CARUELLE-NICOLAS is now developing an international strategy to make our product available for everybody. Take the opportunity to discover our worldwide influence.

The protection of the user and the conservation of environment are the priorities of CARUELLE-NICOLAS during the design of its machines.

CARUELLE-NICOLAS is part of the EXEL Industries Group, worldwide leader of the spraying. The group is specialized in various technologies for precision spraying. They are n°1 in the world for agricultural spraying, n°3 in industry, and n°1 in Europe for private users. They employ 2600 people in 23 countries on 5 continents.


More information: Exel Industries



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