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PROFARM 80 - 100

Linkage of the boom with a damped ram
  • The accumulator absorbs shocks thanks to the ram

  • The stresses apply on the boom frame are reduced

  • The lifetime is increased

  • The stability of the boom is higher 

OLYMPIA 100 - 120

  • The linkage of the boom is built with a parallelogram and is controlled by two rams damped with some accumulators. The capacity to absorb the shocks is highly increased with the two arms of the parallelogram associated with the rams and the accumulators.

  • The centre of gravity is located at the front to improve the weight report between the tank and the tractor and obtain the perfect balance for an optimal pulling power.


    The stresses transmitted by the boom on the frame are reduced because the linkage of the boom transmits the stresses very close to the fixing points: no amplitude effects.



OLYMPIA 250 - 320 - 400 et 600S

  • “Flexiflèche” in option: an articulation at the extremity of the drawbar associated with rubber shock absorber

  • On the 6000 liters, the suspension is integrated to the drawbar

  • Improve the comfort on the road and in the fields

  • Reduce the stresses on the linkage and increase the lifetime

  • Axle suspension: suspension with a linkage arm damped with a reactive damper.

-The strong linkage arm provides an excellent reactivity

-The 2 reactive dampers with honeycomb structure absorb the shocks and vibrations without spring effect.The important pivot lever arm insures the whole sprayer an excellent reactivity.


  • Active suspension with pneumatic cushions

  • Frame suspended on 3 points: excellent stability

  • Frame completely suspended (front and rear axle) by a system designed with a linkage arm damped with pneumatic cushions.

  • Constant height whatever is the weight: automatic level control

  • The suspension is independent whatever the load is

  • 2 hydraulic dampers on the front axle

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