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Innovation for the environment

  • To preserve the environment, CARUELLE develops some sprayers that guarantee you an optimal safety for the user but also for the working environment.

  • To protect you versus the risks of tank overflow, CARUELLE has designed on some of its sprayers, an anti overflow device which will stop automatically the filling. If your sprayer is not fitted with this option, CARUELLE has well designed its sprayers and the overflow will leak on the other side than the implementation area to protect you.

  • For a perfect cleaning, CARUELLE has removed all the pipes in the tank (patented). Associated with the polyethylene tank smooth and without sharped edges, CARUELLE has reduced the deposits in the tank. The rinsing of your sprayer is also more efficient.

  • In case of pipe shearing, CARUELLE has fitted a check valve on all the tank inputs to preserve the environment vto avoid any pollution. The anti-foam deflector distributes the liquid along the wall of the tank to avoid creating some foam (patented).

  • To guarantee a clean sprayer, the complete circuit is washable under pressure. The residual volumes are reduced to the minimum with the pyramid shape of the tank, with the small suction hole and with the small diameter of the pipes.

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