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A suspension in 3 parts for a better reliability

The parallelogram suspension

The parallelogram of the boom is suspended with two accumulators, fitted on the lifting rams. They remove the irregularities of the ground transmitted by the chassis. 

The frame suspension

CARUELLE uses a pendulum suspension for the booms with a chain. This chain allows having a completely free movement of the boom. Once the movement of the frame is slowing down, the frame provides the best stability: you can spray comfortably and safely.

The anti-whip device

The patented anti-whip device designed by CARUELLE is the heart of the suspension in the chaotic lands and the headlands. It will permit at your boom to avoid the forward and reverse movement when we turn in the headlands or when you spray on an irregular ground.

To delete these undesired movements of the booms, we confront the two forces on each sides with an elastomer located between the two folding rams. Associate with rubber dampers on the boom, you will have a better reactivity versus the ground irregularities.

Lighting system

Work days and nights

In option, CARUELLE proposes a lighting pack for the booms to apply the right quantity anytime. Finish being dependant of the weather conditions, spray during the night like in the day.


Road size

Compact boom for a better security

To be more secured and practice, the CARUELLE booms are less than 2,55 meters to be compatible with the road size. The PHOENIX 3 arms boom is designed to avoid any contact between the tractor cab and the boom. Finish having the latest drops on the cab.

Homologated on the road 25kph and 40kph

Drive in all safety

Drive in all safety! The CARUELLE sprayers are received by the MINES and have a road size less than 2,55 meters.

CARUELLE has been the first manufacturer to homologate their sprayers at 25kph and 40kph for the self-propelled and some Olympia new generation. This homologation guarantees you a better security when you drive on the road. At 40kph, you will save your time and you will increase your work output: the performance of your farm will be improved. 

On the semi-mounted sprayers, we have designed some pneumatics brakes for this 40kph homologation instead of the hydraulics brakes fitted on the 25kph machines.

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