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A long life and reliable pump

   With years of experiences, the pumps ARCA from CARUELLE are made for a long lifetime. The pistons are isolated from the liquid that you sprayed to avoid the corrosion. CARUELLE has designed his own diaphragms: they are assisted by oil to lubricate the pump assembly and avoid the piston hammer effect. The piston-diaphragm pumps are volumetric, a main advantage to use air injection nozzles with high volume. They can also run dry without risk. For more comfort, our pumps are self-priming to avoid defusing in the bottom of the tank or during the filling phase.

The STILLA are equipped of an ARCA pumps 20 bars with a flow of 250L/min in standard and 280 or 380L/min (only 460) in option. The ARCA pump, with 6 assisted pistons-diaphragms is coupled with 1 turbo-fillers to have a quick filling of the sprayer with a chemical incorporation at the same time. With this turbo, the STILLA has a filling capacity of 380l/min.

With this pistons-diaphragms pump, the residual volumes are reduced.