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Stilla 340 & 460

The reference on the market

   STILLA 340 & 460 are the latest trailed sprayers from CARUELLE. Efficiency, high productivity and high technology, reliability and safety are the main characteristics. With a capacity of 3400 or 4600 liters, STILLA offers a key spraying autonomy to decrease the working times and improve the productivity. Its compact design associated with a short frame insures a foolproof maneuverability.


A sprayer built for you

  • Reliable with its spraying components : (CRC, ARCA pump, …)

  • Ergonomic design, easy to use and easy to maintain

  • A high technology sprayer (ISOBUS system, Control terminal with touch screen, …)
  • Configure your sprayer according to your needs with a wide range of options available

  • A 100% French design, rewarded as « machine of the year 2015 » at the SIMA 


Caruelle is engaged to respect the environment

   CARUELLE is engaged to respect the environment by developing some high yields sprayers, fitted with options to work in all safety :.

  • Configure the filling quantity of the tank with an automatic stopping
  • In standard, the tank is equipped with an anti-foam deflector and a check valve versus the dangers of overflow
  • A tank designed to reduce the residual volumes
  • The tank is equipped with 4 rotating washing nozzles
  • The rinsing sequences are optimized to avoid any contaminations by residues of phytosanitary products.

The 360° solution

   Our wish is to offer, at every steps of your spraying process, all the latest technological innovations to make things easier and reduce your costs.

The 360° solution is a combination of the latest innovation equipments to help you during the filling, the spraying and the rinsing phases :

  • Implementation : aut.oSelect terminal, new incorporator/mixing bowl.
  • Regulation : is.oSpray terminal, Isobus functionnalities…
  • Spraying : landscape monitoring system Top.Ospray, GPS guidance system nav.oSpray, modulate the quantity per hectare with vari.oSpray system, …
  • Rinsing : the complete sequences of rinsing are available from the cab