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An optimal comfort

Top.oSpray system

   Discover the functionalities of the Horizon console to help you for the boom management.

From an easy system to store the boom height, discover the automatic management of the boom height called Top.oSpray.

Ergonomic pack:

  • Bargraph and memorization of the boom height
  • Return to the memorized height by a simple click

Comfort pack: ergonomic +

  • Display with a bargraph and automatic return to the initial value of the slope control

Pack Performance: Pack Confort +

  • Display with bargraph and automatic return to the initial value of the variable geometry control

Pack  Top.oSpray : 

  • Automatic management of the the slope control

Pack  Top.oSpray Evo : 

  • Automatic management of the variable geometries

Discover the Easier Spraying pack

Control and upgrade your spraying


  • Anticipate and optimize your rate according to the display of the electrical valves position. You can select a restart position of the valves of 30%, 50% or 75%.
  • Indicator with PTO speed alarm
  • Indicator with alarm for the oil pump level