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   On the XENIA, two types of circulations are available : the semi-continuous or the pneumatic continuous circulation called "CRC circulation".

The semi-continuous circulation

With the semi-continuous circulation associated with the CARUELLE regulations, you have an accurate spraying without risks of clogging. The flowmetered regulations developed by CARUELLE are designed to overcome the nozzles wearness, product viscosity or density.


CRC circulation: the only true continuous

  • Automatic management : the circulation adjusts itself to every desired flow.
  • You always have a product circulation, even if the nozzles are closed. The priming is immediate for a better accuracy when you start.
  • You can select the type of circulation (continuous or semi-continuous) to reduce the residual volumes at the end of the tank.
  • With H2.oSpray, you can have up to 11 boom sections.
  • With the pneumatic solenoid valves, the opening / closing of the boom sections are immediate.
  • The boom rinsing is carried out without return in the tank.
  • Reduction of the residual volumes at the end of the tank.
  • With the CRC circulation, you can spray at low volume with a higher accuracy


The XENIA has 5 levels of filters to reduce the risks of clogging and increase the accuracy : tank sieve, inlet, outlet, mixing and centralized filter for the boom sections.