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Launch of the mounted high capacity  

   The range of sprayers manufactured by CARUELLE is expanded with the new XENIA. With its tank capacity up to 1800 liters and a road size of 2.55m, CARUELLE modifies what you can expect from a mounted sprayer.

With the front tank, the XENIA can compete with the trailed sprayers. You have a better maneuverability, mainly in the headlands, and a perfect tires grip with the front/rear balancing carried out by the front tank. Main advantage of a mounted sprayer, you have a perfect view all around the cab, on the road or in the fields. Discover the latest innovations available on the XENIA :

  • A high tank capacity, with a road size less than 2.55m for a 40km/h approval.                                
  • A rear boom with vertical folding to reduce the size of the sprayer. Its triangular design offers lightness and robustness.                                                                                                                   
  • The new mounted sprayer from CARUELLE is designed with a complete guard for a full protection. The crops crushing is reduced and the sprayer is easier to wash.


XENIA 130-160-180, a large capacity mounted sprayer with a high potential to convince you!


Secure the users and increase the spraying accuracy of its sprayers, this is the willingness of CARUELLE company.

   With a wide range of options for the implementation and the rinsing of the sprayer, you can secure your spraying operations. Discover the CARUELLE solutions to improve the spraying accuracy, as the continuous circulation or the vari.oSpray system (modulate the quantity per hectare according to the yields map downloaded). It is with its knowledge and its experience on the spraying market that CARUELLE has designed the XENIA and its range of options to find a sprayer which suits to your farm.