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   The XENIA is available with 3 tank capacities : 1300, 1600 and 1800 liters. As the whole CARUELLE range, its polyethylene tank is casted without sharp edges  for a better rinsing. The XENIA is equipped with the technology "zero pipes in the tank” and an anti-foam deflector distributes the liquid along the wall of the tank during the filling to avoid foam production. To increase the security and protect the environment, each outlet pipe is equipped with a check valve to avoid any pollution

The Xenia is equipped of a rinsing tank of 160 liters of capacity and a hand wash tank of 15 liters. The mixing is carried out by 2 venturis located at the bottom of the tank. The rinsing is carried out by 2 rotating washing nozzles. A gauge with scrolling display offers an excellent reading whatever is the level of mixture in the tank, even in slopes.

Front Tank

   With two capacities available 750 or 1100 liters, you can increase the capacity of your sprayer and achieve 2900 liters. The front tank can be used as a clear water storage or as an extension of the sprayer. CARUELLE integrates the road lights and offers you a perfect view to secure your road trips.