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Balancing and linkage capacity

   With such a capacity, the balancing on the tractor is important to increase the grip of the tires and decrease the linkage capacity. The frame of the XENIA, key part of the sprayer, is shorter to obtain a gravity center close to the tractor. With the HLE technology (High Limit of Elasticity) used on the tubular frame of the XENIA, you have a better robustness and reliability, with a total weight reduction of the machine.

With the automatic hitching system category 3, the hitching operations of the sprayer are simplified and secured. We have integrated the safety of the user during the design of the sprayer :  

  • Hitched, the sprayer is tilted to the front to increase the weight balancing on the tractor          
  • Unhitched, the sprayer in tilted to the rear to simplify the access to the PTO shaft and the hoses. 

Once the sprayer is unhitched, two rear stands ensures the stability of the sprayer and secure the storage.