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   The new mounted sprayer keeps the same frame as its eldest. Result of years of experience from CARUELLE in the mounted sprayers, the frame of the PROFARM is a perfect mix between robustness and weight reduction to be compliant with the different powers from the middle range of tractors.

The semi-automatic hitching system with a category 2 or 3 hitching bar provides easy and safe hitching operations. We have included your security during the design of your sprayer:

  • Hitched, the sprayer is tilted to the front to increase the weight transfer on the tractor.
  • Unhitched, the sprayer is tilted to the rear to improve the access to the PTO shaft and the hoses with the important gap.

With its compact design and a center of gravity close to the tractor, the grip of the wheels  is greatly improved. 

An easy hitching system, a compact design for a better visibility and a robustness to satisfy every working conditions are the main advantages of the frame of the New PROFARM.