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DPM regulation : proportional to the engine revs

oSpray 506

  • Compact and intuitive
  • Ergonomic with the comprehensive switches
  • Easy to transport
  • Compatible with the automatic section control

The + of the oSpray 506

  • Setting of the pressure available inside the cab 
  • Operate manually the sections of the boom from the cab
  • Manage the opening and closing sequences of the booms



oSpray 606

  • Screen to display the values
  • Compatible with the automatic section control
  • Management of the opening and closing sequences of the booms
  • Setting of the pressure available inside the cab

The + of the oSpray 606

  • Section control
  • Modulate the quantity/hectare from the cab
  • Display of the volume/hectare and liters-minute
  • In option, automatic section control



DPAE regulation: electrically proportional to the speed

oSpray 709

  • Numerous displays: Quantity per hectare, pressure, forward speed
  • Spraying control alarm
  • Modify the quantity/hectare manually
  • Management of the opening sequences of the booms sequentially
  • In option, management of the boom lights

The + of the oSpray 709

  • Control the rinsing phases from the cab
  • Automatic management of the sections if associated with the nav.oSpray
  • 10 programmable activities
  • In option, individual multi-function joystick PGI to control the sprayer




  • Wide screen to display 8 values simultaneous
  • BUS CAN communication
  • Possibility to manage up to 16 functions
  • PGI multifunctions joystick as standard
  • GPS speed sensor as option

The + of the H2.oSpray

  • Regulation compatible with vari.oSpray and aut.oSpray modules
  • Automatic top.oSpray landscape monitoring available as option
  • Brushed aluminum and compact design that is perfectly integrated into the cab
  • Slope corrector and variable geometry control

Is.oSpray :

ISOBUS terminal compatible with most of ISOBUS equipments

  • ISOBUS terminal by Raven

  • Sprayer management with a 10 inches touch screen