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An optimized spraying !

With the Turbofilling, you are able to increase the filing capacity of +25% without increase the residual volumes.


CARUELLE certifies that all your pipes are clean with the patented pressurized cleaning system which rinses your complete sprayer. The innovating MIXICLEAN system ensures to avoid any deposit in the mixing bowl: you can spray peacefully without risk of contamination.

Before spraying:

When filling your sprayer, SELECTOR Plus manages automatically the filling stoppage and the overflow security. During the filling phase of your sprayer, SELECTOR Plus manages automatically the filling stop when the desired volume is obtained and the anti-overflow system.

While spraying:

The semi-continuous circulation in association with the CARUELLE regulation allows having an accurate spraying without possibilities of clogging. CARUELLE has developed some specific algorithms associated with a flow metered regulation to be independent of any nozzle wear and adaptable to different viscosities and densities of products by taking in consideration the flow of the mixture.

After spraying:

With SELECTOR Plus, simplify the rinsing phases at the end of the spraying. From the cab, start the rinsing sequences and spray it in the field. 3 sequences are sufficient to clean the sprayer at 1/100th (Values from ARVALIS, French institution of the vegetal environment).