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Olympia 600S

OLYMPIA 600S is a concentrate of what you can expect from a semi-mounted sprayer. Its modern and brawny design gives an impression of serious and reliability: everything makes easy with Olympia 600S.


With its 6000 liters tank, you will find a capacity which satisfies the most challenging farms. Control your spraying with the 3 arms Phoenix boom or the large aluminum boom from 32 to 38 meters. Olympia offers today the technology from tomorrow. ISOPLAN is one example of an option designed by Caruelle, really attractive. With sensors on the boom, you are able to set and control automatically the height. Your comfort is greatly improved in the headlands or in hilly conditions.


The new Olympia 600 has been designed with a new frame to support the impressive capacity of its tank. The frame and the tank are designed to lower a maximum the center of gravity to keep an optimal stability, even in hilly conditions. At the rear of the sprayer, the V structure of the frame improves the stability of the sprayer in the slopes, due to a transfer of the stresses on the slope side. In addition, it offers a wide distance to the wheels track to improve the steering angle when the sprayer is fitted with tracking axle.

More comfort :

The intelligence of the Olympia 600S is in the implementation system of the sprayer. Quick start and comfortable makes it easy and accurate to use. The SELEC’VAN with its lights indicators, the SELEC’VAN PLUS with the rinsing from the cab, the SELECTOR which controls continually the correct positioning of the electrical valves and the SELECTOR PLUS with only one switch to control all the functions: you enter in the intuitive spraying era. Olympia makes you serene. For example, with SELECTOR PLUS, use the automatic filling stop, try the overflow security, and be impressed with a complete rinsing of your sprayer in the field and without jump off the cab.

The H2.oSpray provides an accurate application with modern tools to modulate the quantity in according to the fields or to record the daily work. With the multi-function joystick, control your sprayer with one hand. This regulation is designed with the knowledge of CARUELLE: you can develop and parameter the regulation according to you needs.

Improve the productivity :

Olympia 600S will allow you to save your time on the road and during the filling phase with its 2 turbofilling. You will be able to decrease the time required to hitch and unhitch the sprayer with the new hydraulic stand. A homogeneous mixing to improve efficiency on your crops, CARUELLE has designed an adjustable agitation system for every application.

Respect the environment :

Olympia 600S definitely respects the environment. With the zero pipes in the tank, MixClean, filling assistance, tank and pipes rinsing in the field, air injection nozzles, semi-continuous and continuous circulations, ect. You have the tools for a controlled and cleaned spraying with CARUELLE. OLYMPIA is also friendly with their integrated storage boxes adjustable, its large platform for a better access to the manhole, its level indicator gauge, the filling tank with high capacity, its rinse chemical can…