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The tank

Innovation and stability

With an innovating design on the shape of the tank for the Olympia 600S, the movements of chemical inside are reduced. The stability of the tractor and the sprayer is increased on the road like in the slopes.

With 14mm of polyethylene, the tank is tireless.

With a capacity of 600l for the rinsing tank, you can apply 3 rinses and achieve 1/100 of dilution.

The gauge with a spring provides accuracy and reliability in every condition.



Unmatched performances

The mixing is carried out by 6 venturis. They are located in the middle and in the bottom of the tank. With their tilt, the chemical is guided to the top of the tank to create an optimal mixing.

3 different mixing operations:

  • Stop
  • Automatic: automatic stop of the 3 middle venturis once the level is reduced in order to have a proportional mixing with the volume inside the tank
  • Manual operation

To limit the foam creation at the end of the tank, the last filling injector is equipped of an anti foam system. A valve closes when the level becomes low.