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Integrated careenage

The careenages preserve your crops and the technical parts of your sprayer. You will find a side careenage and a sheet metal plate under the sprayer to protect it.

The 600S is homologated to the Mines and the road signs are integrated and compliant with agricultural machinery laws.

 The pump, the filling tank and the implementation assistance are also located under the careenage.  CARUELLE has designed them to have numerous storage boxes high capacity.


An innovative and usefull design

With the design of the frame and the new tank, the center of gravity is really low. Olympia 600S has a high stability with a tank height of only 2.60m, one of the lowest on the market.

The semi-mounted design of the 600S improves the balancing on the tractor hitch:

  • Decrease the soil compaction with a low weight applied on the axle. 10% less than the other competitors with same capacity on the market.

  • The pulling capacity and the stability are improved.

With the hydraulic stand, you can unhitch the sprayer without seen any movement to the front (less than 1cm when you hitch/unhitch). It is hydraulically managed from the tractor and is integrated with the sprayer to protect the crops.


The suspensions

Flexiwheel suspension

The axle is suspended on 4 elastomer absorbers. Full like empty, the irregularities of the ground are absorbed. The axle suspension provides an optimum level of comfort and stability on the road, like in the fields.

Drawbar suspension

The suspension increases the comfort of the driver and improved the security. In standard, this suspension absorbs the shocks with a polyurethane absorber. The suspension also guarantees a tireless lifetime of the frame.