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A sprayer conscious of the reglementation

Strong of its experience in the breading and mixed farming areas, the CARUELLE Company developed a complete range of spreading units to answer the needs of small and medium farms. DEMEOS is the little brother of a wide range of arable farming sprayers. DEMEOS earned the technologies and the knowledge of all CARUELLE ranges. It’s simple to use but offers you high-end technologies which have proven themselves on bigger machines. Depending on your needs, the DEMEOS range has been segmented into 3 parts each reflecting a level of equipment related to your company.


Tank capacities ranging from 300 to 1000 liters are available, GD and GDS spray bars from 6 to 15 meters wide will bring you all the qualities to become an efficient partner on your farm.

Environmentaly friendly :

For its DEMEOS range CARUELLE desired to honor to respect the environment and the user. The DEMEOS range meets current environmental and road standards. The rinsing tank associated with the “spinning cleaners” will allow you to keep a clean tank and preserve your farming.

Productivity profit :

The clock is ticking? DEMEOS is here! Push the limits of your productivity by adopting this simple, efficient and precise sprayer. With the in cab electric sections (optional), general valve and pressure control stay on your seat and manage the DEMEOS with your fingertips. The ARCA piston-membrane pumps will be worthy of the work to be done.

More confort :

Fitted with a hydraulic control of the spray bar height, you won’t need to get out of your cab to adjust the working pitch to your field. The optional hydraulic slope corrector will help you in many field situations.  The hand washer is integrated into the principal tank which will allow you to intervene on the implement and get back into your cab with clean hands.