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Manage your spraying

Be environmentally friendly with the nozzle carrier single jet or multi jet with anti drip system, to increase your performance, the nozzles are protected by the boom structure.

To increase your output, it can be fitted (depending on the range) with a dynamic pivot suspension (for GDS spray bar), hydraulic lifting of the boom, anti slope system (optional).


Special booms to perfectly fit your needs

Strong of its knowledge, CARUELLE fitted DEMEOS sprayers with a field proven spray bar. Two choices exist to fit perfectly the typology of your farm:

  • GD spray bar on DEMEOS BETA 

  • GDS suspended boom on the DEMEOS ZETA and KAPPA.

The bidirectional security arms with automatic return allow you to securely work. While transport, serenely drive at 40km/h with a size less than 2.55m wide.

Moreover the boom is completely secure while transport and will unlock automatically when it’s put under pressure.