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Simple and efficient

The tanks are made out of polyethylene, 12mm thick and designed to bring you more reliability in time. To avoid any vibrations it lies on a soft material on the frame. Depending on the model, the access is eased either by a reduced height of the manhole or a ladder, the standard servicing is eased as well.

For more cleanliness, CARUELLE got rid of every pipe in the tank (patent) which could be seen in older models. Associated with the smooth pyramidal tank (only on KAPPA version), CARUELLE reduced the risk of residues in the tank. The rinsing tank runs a rotating stream for a better cleaning of your sprayer.


Environmentally friendly

To avoid any siphoning in case of a hose breakage, CARUELLE fitted every tank with a pollution check valve to preserve the environment from any accidental pollution. Anti foam deflectors have been associated to these valves to conduct the phyto products along the tank to avoid any foam formation (patent).

The entire system is washable, it’s the warranty of a clean sprayer. Moreover the dead spaces are reduced to a minimum thanks to the tanks shape and small diameter hoses.
The frame, rinsing tank and hand washer sets are incorporated into the main tank which allows the DEMEOS to be compact and well adapted even to small tractors. Furthermore, the DEMEOS KAPPA is fitted with a storage integrated into the frame.