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Profarm 80/100

For the last but not the least of the range, PROFARM is the sprayer for small and medium farms. Tanks’ ranging from 800 to 1000liters, hydraulic “COLIBRI” spray bars from 12 to 18m wide and electric closing of the spraying, PROFARM has all the qualities required to be an efficient partner on your farm.

With its original design, PROFARM learnt from his bigger brothers. With complete hydraulic boom functions, you drive you sprayer without getting out of the cab. The rising/lowering, opening/closing of the spray bar whether it’s ½ width, 3/4 of the width or the whole width: it’s your decision to make the right choice. Peacefully seated in your cab, you operate the general opening and closing of the sprayer but also the different sections. For the implementation, simple, act on the working pressure directly from your seat. For even more precision, if you wish to know your application rate, choose the VERISTAR regulation and just read the indications from your dynamic regulation.

PROFARM is fitted with all the equipments which aim at respecting the environment. With the rinsing tank (100liters), no hoses in the tank, induction system of phyto product fitted with a rinsing container system, tank cleaning system, spray bar rinsing unit, dilution of tank bottom etc… PROFARM eases your life.

At an ergonomic level, PROFARM is not in rest.  The working post is large and user-friendly. It is composed of a large diameter induction, an assistance system INFOVAN to help you with implementation and with a quick access to filters and maintenance. Thanks to the INFOVAN, you know the whole set of functions realizable by this sprayer. It indicates you on the good positioning of the valves and informs you on the PTO rpm to adopt: you are in security with PROFARM.