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Flexibility and productivity thanks to the booms’ parallelogram linkage

Medal awarded at the SIMA 2001, the booms’ parallelogram linkage defines a new standard in term of spraying output for a mounted sprayer. Thanks to this innovation, the ALOUETTE and SITELLE boom range from 18 to 24m wide can be fitted with a oleo pneumatic suspension for greater flexibility.

In result the boom is much more stable and allows going at higher speeds while spraying. Moreover, with this new design, you have a bigger load transfer on the tractor between the tractor and the tank. Thanks to this innovation, the tractor and sprayer are more compact and well balanced.


The Alouette boom

Great stability for an homogeneous spraying

To get a regular and homogeneous spraying you must first have a steady boom :

  • Parallelogram linkage with oleo pneumatic suspension: the important arm lever of the parallelogram associated to the suspension isolates the boom from any vibration which could reduce the booms' stability.

  • The dynamic pivot associated to the anti whip system with its central suspension guarantee a perfectly stable boom in any working condition.

  • The integrated anti - whip system: this system between the two center arms of the boom, absorbs any foward or rear movement of the spray bar before it gets bigger.

  • Boom slop control : to place the boom in a correct spraying position, at a good distance from the crop even in sloppy fields.



The Sitelle boom

The ergonomic and compact boom

The Sitelle boom with rear folding was designed for:

  • was designed to reduce the bulk while transport, it offers you the possibility to have a mounted sprayer without having the boom around the cab.

  • It eases the access to the cab and optimizes your vision.

  • the nozzles are entirely protected against any shock.

The Sitelle boom is fitted with an automatic unlock of the boom stand (exclusivity)