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Olympia 100 and 120S, the gifted of its category

A gifted in its range, OLYMPIA is surprising by its shapes and design. Precision and productivity are the main aspects of this sprayer. Revolutionary (silver medal at the SIMA 2001) thanks to its innovative structure, OLYMPIA is a concentrate of the best of CARUELLE. Developed with 2 tank capacity 1000 and 1200 liters, OLYMPIA S is fitted with the Alouette boom sideway folding or Sitelle boom with the back way folding with width ranging from 18 to 24m.

Developing a mounted sprayer with a boom lifting system based on a parallelogram is audacious. This concept directly taken from the trailed sprayer technology offers the user a full range of applications: optimum load transfers, in field boom suspension, boom protection on the road, maximum stability while spraying, etc …
To go even further, CARUELLE has developed a tilted frame to ease the hitching.

Productivity gain :
The removal of the traditional boom lifting system give the user a great accessibility and an ease of use rarely seen on mounted sprayers. The pump and filters are accessible, the phytosanitary mixer is at hand, the access to the man hole becomes simple, etc …      

The HORIZON regulation offers you an impressive precision of application with modern iter-plot modulation and traceability tools. The multifunction handle offers you a perfect control of your sprayer at your fingertips. This implementation is the result of the knowledge of CARUELLE, it’s scalable et settable to suit perfectly your needs.

The winning combination: equipped yourself with a front CARUELLE tank from 750 to 1100 liters capacity to transform your tractor into a real self propelled sprayer. This additional autonomy will participate to raise your productivity and loose less time on the road.

More comfort :
The OLYMPIA intelligence lies on the sprayers’ implementation. The simplicity and comfort of use invite you to an easy and precise handling. L’INFOVAN, helps you to correctly position the valves, the SELECVAN, with its’ light indicators and end of filling alarm, guide you to the era of intuitive spraying.
OLYMPIA plays on your serenity.

The technology transfer from its older brothers doesn’t stop here. To answer the most demanding, OLYMPIA is fitted with the electrical section closing, hydraulic boom folding, cutting edge implementation, rolling display gauge, semi – continuous circulation, etc …

Environmentally friendly :
Olympia is fitted with all the equipments which are for the respect of the environment. With its clean water tank, no return pipes in the tank, filling helps, ability to clean the tank and pipes in fields, air injection nozzles etc … CARUELLE brings you all the elements for a clean ant perfectly handled spraying.