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Olympia 100/120 S tanks

  • CARUELLE manages all of its painting chain, from the blasting to the finishing touch, which allows us to bring you a implement resistant to weather conditions and to the spread products.

  • The tank is made out of 12mm thick polyethylene to last in time. It lies on a smooth materiel which is fixed on the frame to absorb every shock and vibration.

  • CARUELLE designed a rolling gauge (patent) which allows you a precise reading of the level in the tank.

  • Anxious to preserve the environment, CARUELLE designs implements that allow you to insure security users but also for your working environment, the company managed to fit an overflow pipe which brings the phyto product at the other end of the sprayer for your safety.

  • To help you improve the rinsing of your sprayer, CARUELLE got rid of all the return pipes (patent) which you can find in older sprayers. Associated to the pyramidal form of the tank and its smooth inside, CARUELLE has decreased the risk of deposit in the tank. It improves the performances of you rinsing.

  • To avoid any siphoning in case a hose breaking, CARUELLE fitted every tank entry with check valves to preserve the environment from any accidental pollution. These valves are associated to anti-foam deflectors which bring back the phyto product onto the smooth tank side.

  • The whole circuit can be pressure cleaned, it’s the guarantee of a neat sprayer. Moreover, dead spots are reduced thanks to the pyramidal shape of the tank, its small suction well and small diameter pipes.