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Range of booms 

  Hirondelle Evolution Steel 2 steel arms with strengthened structure Wide Boom ALU Phoenix 3 arms Steel ALU boom 3 arms 
NYMPHEOS 2540 18 to 24 m 27 to 30 m - - -
NYMPHEOS 3240 24 m 27 to 30 m - - -
NYMPHEOS 4240 24 m 27 to 30 m 36 to 42 m 32 to 36 m 36 to 44 m
NYMPHEOS 5240 - - 36 to 42 m 32 to 36 m 36 à 44 m




Some booms for every need

With its experience, CARUELLE has designed 3 ranges of booms on the NYMPHEOS. The HIRONDELLE and PHOENIX booms offer stability on the road like in the fields. Their triangular designs insure lightness, robustness and lifetime.

Also available on the NYMHEOS, the 3 arms aluminum boom of 36, 40, 42 and 44 meters, for always more productivity.


The Hirondelle boom

A boom design by CARUELLE

CARUELLE has a strong reputation to build some reliable and stable booms. The NYMPHEOS receives the steel boom called Hirondelle Evolution available in 24 m, result of CARUELLE’s history and its knowledge.

  • New suspension system with rods
  • New structure in "L" to associate elasticity and robustness
  • Available in option, a new anti-whip devices system hydraulically managed 

2 steel arms with strengthened structure

  • New boom with 2 steel arms available in 27, 28 or 30 meters.
  • The structure is strengthened for intensive uses met in the different countries across the world.
  • Distribution of the stresses all around the boom to increase its lifetime

The Phoenix boom

With their compactness, the 3 arms Phoenix booms are designed to remove any risk of collision between the tractor cab and the boom. It is the end of the drops dripping on the cab.

  • The steel Phoenix boom 3 arms are available from 32 to 38 meters.
  • Phoenix boom of 32/33m or 36/38m with the assisted width extension.
  • Road size of only 2.55m.
  •  "L" structure of the boom to offer flexibility and endurance
  • Pivot Dynamic II suspension system of the boom
  • Anti-whip device with intermediate reactive rubber damper.


3 arms aluminium boom

Robustness and stability

With its triangular design, the  3 arms aluminium booms are designed for intensive usage, in the biggest farms.

Its pendular-rods suspension with its anti-whip devices system provides a high stability, even in the turns.

They are available in 40, 42 and 44 meters.



A suspension: proof of reliability

The stability of the CARUELLE booms is ensured by its suspension in 3 parts :

The suspension of the parallelogram:

  • The parallelogram of the boom is suspended by two accumulators, fitted on the lifting rams. They remove the irregularities of the ground transmitted by the frame.


The frame suspension

  • CARUELLE uses a pendulum suspension for the booms with a chain. With the chain, the boom has a complete free movement. Once the movement of the frame is slowing down, the frame provides the best stability: you can spray comfortably and safely.

The anti-whip device

  • The patented anti-whip devices system designed by CARUELLE is the heart of the suspension in the chaotic lands or in the headlands. It will permit at your boom to avoid the undesired movements when you turn in the headlands or when you spray on an irregular ground. To delete these undesired movements of the booms, we confront the two forces on each sides with an elastomer located between the two folding rams. Associated with rubber dampers on the boom, you will have a better reactivity versus the ground irregularities.


Work days and nights!

More productivity and efficiency

In option, CARUELLE proposes a lighting pack for the booms to apply the right quantity anytime. Finish being dependant of the weather conditions, spray during the night like in the day.