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A tank designed for intensive use

Earth of the sprayer, the tank integrates numerous innovations.

With the patented solution zero pipes in the tank, CARUELLE offers the first real tank in polyethylene on the market. With a pyramid shape, the tanks of 2500, 3200, 4200 or 5200 liters of the NYMPHEOS are designed for intensive users: homogeneity of the product, easy rinsing.

The rinsing tank of 260 liters (2500) and 450 liters (3200, 4200 and 5200 liters) meet the current legislation. You are able to dilute completely the bottom of the tank and the pipes of the NYMPHEOS. For a complete protection of the operator, the sprayer is equipped with a stock of 20 liters of clean water.


A tank which respects the environment

For a homogenous mixture without foam, Olympia new generation is developed with a Venturi system in the bottom of the tank. To avoid creating foam when the unused mixture return into the tank, CARUELLE has equipped each inlet pipe of an anti-foam deflector which distributes the liquid along the wall of the tank.

The rinsing of the tank is optimal, in association with the smooth walls and without sharp edges. The rinsing nozzle inside the tank cleans it perfectly, to remove any residues of crop protection product. To completely drain the tank, the CARUELLE sprayers are designed with an emptying system.

CARUELLE has designed a patented level indicator gauge to be able to have a mechanical measurement. You have an accurate level in every condition.

To increase the security and protect the environment, each outlet pipe is equipped with a check valve to avoid any pollution.

For a quick filling of the main tank, Olympia new generation has a turbofilling to increase of 25% the pump flow. The water input can be directly plugged on a quick coupler: you can fill the sprayer or transfer the chemical out of the tank.