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Nicojets and NICOLAS spray rings

A quality association

The two-jet NICOJET is a directionnal nozzle with several positions.

A simple rotation of this nozzle allow to have to working positions: full application rate ; reduced application rate.

The NICOLAS spray rings are made out of high performance saphite, it creates a perfect spraying spectrum at every spraying level.

The spray rings filters and the anti-drop system assure you a simple spraying with quality spraying parts.

An efficient setting

But a simple setting as well

The Nicojet are perfectly integrated into the ventilation frame to assure you a perfect spraying into the air flow outlets. The NICOLAS rings are designed to be simple to set and without taking off NICOLAS spraying rings.


A spraying quality that has nothing to do with luck

A precise handling of the granulometry of our spray rigns is the insurance to respect the level of 80 impacts on the foliage, to perfectly protect your orchards.

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